Dream One, 40x40, Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

Dream One, 40x40 Oil and Mixed Media on canvas

I've been painting this year with more bold and abstract shapes, bringing mixed media elements into playful banter on my canvases.  As I enter the studio each day I'm focused on finding that exciting combination of color, texture and shape that will convey my mood and translate my love of our landscape into more than the literal representational line.  I continue pushing myself, having taken several really good fine art workshops in spring and summer that have stretched me and brought my work into alignment with my passion, pushing me out of my comfort zone, heading me into this new contemporary territory.

  I am convinced a bolder,  more vibrant use of both color and movement is possible in my work.  Gestural abstract influences are a natural expressive flow for me, bringing together my color sensibilities, forms and shapes, compositional landscape and country garden elements and harmonies.

I'm continuing to push myself, learning and growing artistically, digging deeper into this mixed media conveyance,  as I am filled with and inspired by its discovery and challenges in new artistic communication possibilities.