"Surrounded by the beauty and spaciousness of the Colorado mountains, valley landscapes, and ever-changing dynamic skies and weather patterns, my artistic passion is communicating these experiences of landscapes through color relationships, atmospheric and perspective nuances and varied paint application techniques.  
I’ve been drawn to the landscape since a small child, and have spent most of my life photographing the power and drama of sunrises, sunsets and cloud formations, mountains, farmland and valley views.  During my life I have moved from NY to New Jersey, California, Oregon, and Florida and now make my home in Colorado.  These mental images are my inspiration, and excite and inspire me as I paint.
My artistic goal is to interpret and abstract our compelling American vistas, and have my finished work capture both atmospheric moods and a familiar sense of place both imagined and visited.  I paint in oil on canvas and linen and use the palette knife as well as brushes.  Sometimes I paint over a painting, allowing a peek into past textural and color decisions, which offers exciting and surprising layers of interest along the painting’s journey.”